1 local.
el equipo local the home team
2 topical, applied to the surface.
1 (business) premises (establecimiento).
local comercial (plural) business premises
local de ensayo rehearsal space
local nocturno night spot
2 site, locale, place of business, premises.
3 local, local resident.
* * *
1 local
nombre masculino
1 (para negocio) premises plural
local comercial business premises plural
* * *
1. noun m.
2. adj.
1) local
2) home
* * *
ADJ [cultura, producción] local

equipo local — home team

2. SM
1) [de negocio] premises pl

en el local — on the premises

local comercial — [gen] business premises pl ; [sin ocupar] shop unit

2) (=lugar) place
* * *
adjetivo local

el equipo local — the home team

masculino premises (pl)

por favor desalojen el local — please vacate the premises

* * *
adjetivo local

el equipo local — the home team

masculino premises (pl)

por favor desalojen el local — please vacate the premises

* * *
1 = facility, premise, locale.

Ex: Solutions include constructing compact shelving, on-site remote storage or building new library facilities.

Ex: Perhaps university libraries are concentrating on finding low-use book storage on the campus or in cheap local warehousing premises.
Ex: Sudak is one of the most beautiful and tranquil locales on the Black Sea coast.
* local aglomerado = crowded quarter.
* local comercial = storefront.
* local compartido = shared premise.
* local de entretenimiento nocturno = night spot.
* local donde la gente va en sus ratos libres = drop-in facility.
* locales = accommodation.
* local nocturno = night spot.
* local que da a una calle comercial = shop-front premise.

2 = domestic, homemade, local, local situs, locally based [locally-based], vernacular.
Nota: Adjetivo.

Ex: Results indicate that bibliographers at these libraries depend on inadequate reviewing sources and domestic approval plans for developing these literatures.

Ex: And may I say parenthetically that two publishers out of the enormous number that are so often touted as belonging to the CIP program are now printing their own homemade and superior cataloging in publication data.
Ex: AACR2 generally recommends collocation although it is suggested that the extent of collocation and the need for uniform titles is a matter for local decisions.
Ex: The establishment of the local situs intangibles tax in 1931 in Ohio and its use for sole support of public libraries led to various problems over the ensuing years.
Ex: A virtual library should provide seamless access to both remote and locally-based resources contained.
Ex: The exhibition focuses on three examples of American vernacular architecture: diners, gasoline stations, and fast-food restaurants.
* acontecimientos locales = local events.
* adaptación a las circunstancias locales = localisation [localization, -USA].
* anestesia local = local anaesthetic.
* a nivel local = locally.
* autoridad local = local authority official, local authority officer.
* biblioteca local = local library.
* catálogo local = local catalogue.
* colección de fondos locales = local collection.
* colección local = local collection.
* comunidad local = local community.
* estatuto local = by-law [bye-law, -USA].
* fichero topográfico local = local copy file.
* impuestos locales = local taxes.
* LAN (red local) = LAN (Local Area Network).
* periódico local = local paper, local newspaper, local community newspaper.
* personaje local = local figure.
* personalidad local = local figure.
* prensa local, la = local press, the.
* Sala de Manuscritos e Historia Local = Manuscript and Local History Room.
* signatura topográfica local = local call number.
* transporte local público = local public transport.

* * *
1 ‹tradiciones/autoridades/periódico› local
ganó el equipo local the home team won
2 ‹infección› local
premises (pl)
[ S ] se alquilan locales comerciales business premises to let
por favor desalojen el local please vacate the premises o the building
tocaba en un local nocturno de dudosa reputación he used to play in a seedy nightclub/bar
para mayor información dirigirse a nuestros locales en la calle Paz 13 for further details visit our offices at number 13 Paz Street
* * *


local adjetivo
el equipo local the home team

■ sustantivo masculino
premises (pl)
I adjetivo local
anestesia local, local anesthesia
II sustantivo masculino
1 (para instalar un comercio, negocio, etc) premises pl
2 (negocio) un local de la Quinta Avenida, a business on Fifth Avenue; un local de copas, a pub
un local de mala muerte, a dive

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* * *
1. [de un lugar] local;
el equipo local the home team
2. [anestesia] local
[establecimiento] premises
local comercial business o commercial premises;
local de ensayo rehearsal space;
buscan un local de ensayo they're looking for somewhere to rehearse;
local nocturno night spot
* * *
I adj local
II m premises pl ;
local comercial commercial premises pl ;
local nocturno nightspot
* * *
local adj
: local
localmente adv
local nm
: premises pl
* * *
local1 adj local / home
el equipo local the local team
local2 n premises
este local está en venta these premises are for sale

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